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Religious quick answers:

Does God exist?

I believe you'll find He does. There are lots of reasons why I think this, but it's not a short answer. Start here: Summary about Mankind's Origin According to History.

If God exists, why doesn't He show Himself?

On the one hand, God's ways are higher than our ways, so we can't know all of the ways of God for sure, but on the other hand, the answer becomes obvious upon reading Exodus 20. This idea is reiterated in Deut. 18. God grades on a sliding curve, and we're responsible for the things we know (James 3:1, Ez. 33, Lev. 19:17b, etc.). If you knew God and disobeyed him, what would your excuse become? (John 20:29) "They would not be guilty if I had not come and spoken to them. But now they have no excuse for their sin." (John 15:22) We get a greater blessing if God doesn't show himself, and a greater judgment if He does. It's mercy all around. Purify yourself so that God may reveal Himself to you.

Who made God?

Oh no! You got me!! Just kiddin'. The question isn't that hard to answer. We ask for a cause because in our current state of existence, the Law of Cause and Effect reigns supreme. The supernatural realm, and especially God, is outside physical law (super-natural). He is the eternal, uncaused cause. What is the first number of infinity? Try to stump me again over at my blog.

What is the meaning of life?

Chapter 7 of my book has a satisfying answer to that, I think. We are here for a purpose. Send me an email with more specific questions. You can also scroll down to "Why are we here?"

Did God make evil / the devil?

I find that most people who ask this kind of question have more on their mind than a simple philosophical quandary. Scroll down to "healing for depression" - you might find a useful answer there.

Why does God allow suffering?

See more at healing for depression (below). Most people who ask this question want comfort more than an answer.

History & earth age quick answers:

Where do we come from?

We are all descended from Adam and Eve through Noah and his wife (Titea, among other names). There's strong evidence to support that, but you will have to read my book to find it.

Do you really believe in YEC (young earth Creation)?

Yes. I'm serious. You'll believe it too, if you bother to look at the evidence. Start here: Summary about Mankind's Origin According to History.

Does the Bible allow for an old earth?

No. This article by Alicia Hoesch is posted with permission. "You are welcome to give copies to whomever you feel may benefit from it." Bible vs. Old Earth

Is Genesis a science book?

The "science textbook" rhetoric is very common. Sure, Genesis isn't a manual on how to create a universe. Nobody is arguing that. But it is a historical narrative, in the same way that the deeds of David, Moses, Abraham, and Noah were written in historical narrative. You don't have to wonder whether Adam was an actual man. 1 Chron. 1 has a genealogy. Luke 3 does too. You can't be descended from a mythical being. Ex. 20:11 says that everything in heaven and earth was created in 6 days. What a careless thing for God to write with his own finger. God "made" the "heavens" and the "earth" in "6 days" and "rested" on the 7th. Therefore "keep" the Sabbath. See the danger there? It's not a science book, but it is a historical book. The history is the foundation of the theology.

What is your best evidence?

This answer varies person to person. The best evidence isn't even mine. It is the genealogies from Noah to the kings of Europe in the book: After the Flood by Bill Cooper. Click.

Where did Cain get his wife?

Cain married his sister. This was a common practice, even through to the time of Abraham. Many pagan gods married their sisters too. For examples, search the text of my book for "incest".

How did Noah fit the animals on the ark?

The genetic diversity of the first animals was much greater than we have now. He didn't have to fit every lizard, just a few kinds. I have evidence for this in my book. Click.

Was Noah unskilled at shipbuilding?

Perhaps he was. Should this question stump you? I have had atheists work on my plumbing. I paid them. Plus, God gives special talents to some. Exodus 35:35, Daniel 1:17. And we must not forget that this event had God's hand all over it. God closed the door. The wood, the pitch, the preparations, they were all just a testing of Noah's faith, useful in the retelling of the story. God could have wiped everyone out with a plague like happened in Egypt. Not everything has to have a natural explanation, especially when it's recorded in the text as a miracle.

What about the dinosaurs?

Browse through this site. But be sure to come back and see me again.

How did koalas and kangaroos get to Australia?

That's a good question. I'm glad you asked.

How far back does history go?

The world is 6,000 years old. The first man (Adam) figured out how to write. He lived a long time, you know. There is evidence of this in my book.

Were the gods really gods?

I think they were just people. The stories were embellished by the likes of Homer.

No, seriously, how did koalas and kangaroos get to Australia?

Fine! Middle-Click here and here. We don't want you to leave this site for good.

What was divided in the days of Peleg?

I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I think the historical evidence is clear on this one. The land was divided between the sons of Noah according to their family tribes. There is also evidence that there may have been an earthquake to divide the land, so I wouldn't rule that out either. Read my book for more on that, but particularly Jubilees 22.

Misc. quick answers:

What were the nephilim?

I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I don't see evidence that the pagan gods were the "sons of God" spoken of in Genesis 6:4. I do think they were the offspring of fallen angels. For a more detailed answer, see both my book (for information about the gods), and Doug Hamp's book, here.

What about the anunnaki?

The idea that aliens came down and modified ape DNA to make man to mine gold is very creative. I'm not sure I've seen any convincing evidence, though. If you find an original translation of the ancient tablets, I'll be better able to speculate. However, the best reason to think this is not what happened is that there are modern day supernatural healings (click - start at 4 minutes). Also look for Ian McCormack and Don Piper. You can't have a completely natural world-view. You have to incorporate the supernatural. Putting our creation on aliens just pushes the problem back one step.

Why do men have nipples?

We know two things for sure. 1. Women are like men. 2. Women are not like men. If we have too many similarities, there are no differences. If there are too many differences, there are no similarities. Should women have an extra digit on their hands? Should their fingers be as thick as a man's fingers? The similarities, the differences, they are a matter of artist prerogative. It certainly doesn't hurt my case for a Creator. A much harder question is, in an atheistic worldview, how did male and female come to coexist? (more, more)

C'mon, everyone knows that evolution is a fact. Why are you putting your head in the sand?

When I was on the fence about this, both sides seemed to have a point. I couldn't decide based on the facts which was true. There came a point where I couldn't live in the uncertainty, and I told the God I believed in that I chose to accept his story on faith. From that point on, my perspective changed. My mind didn't work the same anymore. I felt like God filled me with His Spirit, and He awakened my understanding. I couldn't take the Evolutionists arguments seriously anymore. There were holes in everything they said. Answers that didn't satisfy me from the Creationist side began to make sense. I know now what happened. I know why those who believe in Evolution are so confident in their position. There is blindness in them, as there was blindness in me. I, too, am blind to seeing their arguments as quality answers. When you're on the fence, you can see a little of both sides. You can feel inclined to one or the other, depending on your lifestyle, but both sort-of make sense. Once you choose, for or against, God settles you in. He either blinds you and hardens your heart, like happened with the Pharisees and Pharaoh, or he softens your heart and opens your eyes, like happened with Saul. If you can't see the value of Creationists' arguments, chances are, it's not because there is no value there. If you ask God to open your eyes, He will allow you to see. Amen. "Nor do I seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe that I may understand." - Anselm of Canterbury

Do you know more about Sodom?

There are a lot of added details (more than Genesis 19) about the account of Sodom in the book of Jasher. The link to the text is here: Origin of Mankind according to History.

This stuff is great! How can I help to promote it?

Are you interested in promoting this material? That's wonderful! If not, consider this. There could be folks who reject Jesus because you were the broken link in the chain to a historical Noah. It is true that some people have no problem accepting evolution and Jesus at the same time, but there are those who cannot. Don't let false ideas ruin anyone.

Summary Statements (for Facebook and Twitter style promotion - shorter to longer):
~ Pagan gods were once mortal men!
~ Ancient Greeks confirm Genesis.
~ Japheth was the father of Europe.
~ Nations were named for their patriarchs.
~ Cain married his sister. Zeus married his too.
~ Secular history proves that Noah is our common ancestor, literally.
~ Greeks called Noah Uranus, and nations trace their descent from the gods.
~ Jesus to Adam - Luke3: Secular genealogies to Noah exist for most nations of Europe.
~ The History of Early Mankind: Moses wrote Genesis and the Greeks confirm the account.

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What about the fact that nobody believes you?

I have a hard time convincing people to listen. If I get a chance to talk people through my entire presentation, something like half of them believe me. We are creatures of trust, and some people like to trust the "scientists". They generally study one field. I have pieced together data from history, religion, philosophy, and science. If you're going to trust people rather than evidence, why are you looking at these questions? Isn't it obvious? You want to see the evidence! Start here: Summary about Mankind's Origin According to History.

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