I Have a Low Self-Esteem
by Brian Forbes
(C) 2015, Brian Forbes

Did you know that Jesus - the guy who split the calendar between BC and AD - was 33 when he died?  I'm older than 33, and I never did anything to compare with Jesus.  Someone that followed Jesus' example was Martin Luther, who was right around 35 when he began his work of splitting the church between Catholic and protestant.  35!  I'm older than that, and I have nothing to show for it.  The man who was named Martin Luther King, Jr. was only 39 when he died.  Look at what he did!  I have not even done that much with my life.  What's more, he started his protests at 26 years old.  I should have more than 10 years of activism under my belt, but I don't!  Woe is me; I'm worthless!  I will never amount to anything.


Do you see what I'm doing there?  Sure, I'll never amount to the greatness of these figures, but so what?  That's not my calling.  I have a purpose in life with special giftings and a specific job to do, and I don't have to do what they did.  I do what I'm called to do.  And instead of getting all depressed about what I could have done by now, I should do the best with what I have now.  Take it a day at a time.  And if all I ever amount to is a guy who answered a question for a stranger on Y!A, an organization built by people more important than me, I'll find myself content with that.  I'll be content because I choose to be.  I will do what little I can with the abilities God gave me, and I'll leave the more important things for those who were built for it.  Choose to be like I am.  Be content with a low self-esteem.