NewtonSir Isaac Newton, a father of physics, who discovered the math of gravity, was interested in early history.  He summarized it by saying that kings were made into gods by their citizens.  Kings of cities were deified by their cities, and kings of nations by their nations.

He said that this practice didn’t happen over time from the bottom up, but right away from the top down. He said that the original religion was given by Noah, but Mercury changed all that in honor of Osiris & Isis. He said that the historians of Egypt made the gods more ancient than they really were, and that many were ruling during the reign of king David of Israel.

Further, he said that Egypt was a land divided by Ham, the son of Noah, between his four sons. “Hercules is Chus, Osiris is Misraim, Antæus is Phut & Busiris is Canaan…” He said that the names of these men were corrupted, and that name changes happen frequently in history.  Nations were named for their kings, and they were renamed with every succession of a new king.

Noah’s religion consisted of sacrifices and prayer.  “…every family in travelling from place to place carried with them a sacred fire for sacrifices, the father of the family being as well Priest as king.”  This practice of carrying sacred fire continued into the building of temples. They replaced this religion of Noah with that of Idolatry, or the worship of figures carved out of wood or stone.  “…they made the images of the kings & building … set up the Images in the Temples & worshipped them as inhabited by the souls of the dead kings.” They also put the names of their kings and heroes onto planets and constellations, such as Jupiter and Orion. The planets moved in ways that were not always predictable to these ancient people, so they claimed that the spirit of the god was moving the planet around.

Newton claimed that the early earth, being ruled by men, was divided between the kings.  “…the Island Atlantis fell to the lot of Neptune who made his Eldest Son Atlas king of the whole island…” In mythology, there is symbolism, so when Hercules took the Globe from Atlas the author of the poem meant that the nation of Atlas was conquered by Hercules.  The Egyptians painted Saturn with two faces, because he reigned over two kingdoms.  It is also interesting that the founders of all these ancient nations were known to historians.  Newton said that the first founder and first successive king were called Saturn and Jupiter.

It turns out that the first founder of Egypt (Noah) had a wife named Titea, and her children were called Titens.

If the nations had known founders at known times, you wouldn’t expect large populations near the beginning. Newton points out two details from the Bible.  The nations of Shinar and Elam were defeated by Abraham with an army of 318 men. Egypt was so thinly peopled before Moses that Pharaoh said that the Israelites were more and mightier than they were.

Newton wasn’t the only one to see the correlation between the pagan gods and the Biblical patriarchs.  He built his history on the same foundation we all use, listing and verifying his sources. 

Many modern historians trust the dates of the Egyptian kings.  Newton said that the Egyptian and Latin histories were not as reliable as the history of Israel.  The modern historians are using the exact history that Newton warns us not to use. They want to undermine the Bible.  Newton, though, a scientific thinker, always put the Bible in the place of higher dependability. It is clear that this scientist, at least, believed the ancient, written history of mankind.


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