Lonely People – inquire within

I invite a lot of lonely people to my site.  If you want to write out your problems to have someone to talk to, or you want to get advice from me, feel free to reply below.  Anyone – any topic.  Just make sure you use somewhat kid friendly (13 or so) language.

What’s on your mind?

I will entertain just about any question you like here.  So ask me about what’s on your mind.

Does this information help you?

I have statistics for my site.  I can see how many people load which page, and where they go from there and when they exit the site.  Now don’t get paranoid that I have this ability, because most websites do this kind of tracking.  I know how many people look at the information daily.  I know how many people buy copies of my book.  But the proportion of those who are looking vs. those who get back to me about it is not consistent with the real life statistics.  I talk to people about the topic of this site regularly, and even without prying, I hear back from them how it’s affecting their life.  But the online community doesn’t seem to want to take the time.

So I’m asking you.  I’m not begging just yet, but it may come to that.  If you read something on this site that you found helpful, impactful, irritating, or incomprehensible, no matter the emotion or perception, I’d like to hear about it.  If I only hear atheists mocking me, that’s the feeling I’ll have about my work and my impact.  If I only hear from adoring fans, I’ll begin to think that skeptics don’t exist.  Whoever you are, whatever your perception, I want to hear about it.  Tell me what you think about my site, my book, my life’s work.

What matters more than friendship?

I have a blog.  But I don’t write on it.  Why don’t I write on it?  Because nobody is writing back.  Why is nobody writing back?  Because I don’t write on it.  Thus the cycle goes, and so I have nothing on here.  When I write something, I publish it on my larger site, so this blog never gets attention.  And so I don’t have any public FNH friends.

Consider this an invitation.  I’m not afraid of debate.  If you have questions, even pointed or offensive questions, don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  If you have a note of thanks, don’t worry about over-inflating my ego.  I’m not feeling superior to anyone at the moment.  Write a note.  Ask a question.  Interact.  That’s what this is here for.  Who knows, you may make a few friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.  What matters more than friendship?

Are people leaving Christianity because of Neo-Darwinism?

Tell me what you think.